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astronauts lifted off from cape canaveral. only two of them actually landed on the lunar surface. gene and harrison schmidt. they stayed on the moon for a record 75 hours and completed three moon walks. they even drove around in a moon buggy. and collected almost 250 pounds of rock and soil. as commander prepared to head home he said god willing we shall return amazingly we have yet to do so. 40 years ago today. and now you know the news for this december the 19th. see you tomorrow. >> the fact that this problem is so complex can be no for doing nothing. >> bill: president obama pushing gun is putting vice
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president biden in charge of pushing it a smart move? we'll have a debate. >> they told us they can't do anything. >> bill: is that right the state department can't do anything? >> over and over, yeah. >> bill: with an american marine veteran unjustly incarcerated in mexico why aren't secretary of state clinton and president obama getting directly involved with the case? we have the very latest. >> tell you how this works? >> do you think i'm a hero? >> on second thought, i would like to kill you. >> bill: scenes from a big new movie involving tom cruise reedited because the massacre in newtown, connecticut. also, dennis miller running wild tonight. caution, you where to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us
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tonight. we will get to president obama and gun control in a melt. first, the talking talking points memo why isn't the president trying to secure the release of marine corps patrol john hammar? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in the middle of the civil war, president abraham lincoln still took time to right wrongs brought to his attention. regular folks could go to the white house and hand petitions to the president's staff. mr. lincoln would then read some of them, turn the letters over and write comments that might help individual americans. abraham lincoln did that every week. now we have a situation where a former marine, 27-year-old john hammar has been in a mexican prison since last august for absolutely nothing. nothing. as we have reported, corporal hammar secured permission from the u.s. customs office in brownsville, texas to carry an antique rifle handed down by his grandfather across the border. he then checked in with the
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mexican officials with the paper work. the gun was clearly a recreational weapon that hammar wanted to take to costa rica on a trip. authorities arrested hammar, threw him in prison and actually chained him to his bunk. with six days to go before christmas, that's where hammar remains in a filthy, corrupt, mexican jail. corporal hammar served two combat tours. one in afghanistan and the other in iraq. his marine battalion took heavy casualties in fallujah with 13 killed in action. when he returned home the corporal suffered from prost that plat particular stress disorder. he was treated for nine months. got out last may and simply wanted to take a vacation after his ordeal. there is absolutely no reason on earth for the mexican authorities to continue to hold. the reason they put him in jail in the first place was to extort money from his family
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that's what these people do south of the border. now, now, you would think that secretary of state hillary clinton and president obama would be directly involved in trying to secure the release of an american combat veteran. but they are not. the state department has visited hammar in prison but done little else. >> they have told us they can't do anything. >> bill: senator? the state -- is that right? the state department says they can't do anything. >> over and over. >> is there anything to ascertain is he innocent or not? again we don't know what happened. >> i have to take the question because i don't know the facts myself on that. so i have to take the question. >> let me reiterate secretary of state clinton has done nothing and president obama doesn't even know about it according to jay carney. that's incredibly hard to believe as reports have been circulating for weeks. this is a failure of leadership. this year the u.s.a. is sending more than $300 million to mexico. and they have the gull to
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imprison an american combat veteran for nothing? and what about the new mexican president? where is he? he has the power to release corporal hammar immediately. so why isn't he doing it? this is a disgusting situation. and we call for president obama to get corporal hammar out of that filthy prison this week. the buck stops with you, mr. president. abraham lincoln would have done it. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. joining us from washington, senator bill nelson from florida who has been trying hard to secure the release of corporal hammar. am i making any mistakes here? >> good evening, bill. and, yes, we all want to get him out and we want him out by next week by christmas. so he can be home. i would just point out that the white house is involved i
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have talked to both of them today. i have asked the state department to have our general council our con sill general in mat morris and consulate to get back in there again and see him. the one thing that i think is a little different than your recitation of the facts is that it was when we found out about him being in the general prison population last august, when he was picked up that we asked because of the obvious threats to his life and attempted shakedowns to get him out of there. got him into the same prison but an administrative facility and that's where you see the
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photograph of him in a room by himself and they have actually got cuff on his leg chained to the bed. that has since been removed but i think that didn't occur for some period of time and of course it's unacceptable. unacceptable. >> bill: here is what bothers me. have you got jay carney. >> it bothers me too. bill. >> bill: i know it does. have you been doing good work. you and congressman down there in miami. excellent work. when jay carney says to our guy ed henry we don't nolg know anything about. this don't you think that president obama, with all the power that he has, could come out and say we're trying to get him released. you don't have to -- jo expect him to threaten mexico. i don't expect him to diminish the new president or lodge any charges. that's my job. i will do that but certainly the president can say we are very concerned woe would like
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mexico mexico to do the humanitarian thing and release him. what would be wrong with that senator? >> i hope that that happens by december 25th. >> bill: why hasn't it happened since august? it's now december. come on. why hasn't it happened? >> well, bill, you and i know that the president has got so much to attend to. that's why i cited abraham lincoln. greatness is defined and you know this, senator. >> let's get him out. let's get him out. first of all, here's where the breakdown is. and by the way, i have talked to the mexican ambassador to the united states now several times. most recently today by the way he is a good guy. he is working very hard to make sure that this happens
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here is the big travesty the fact that he was picked up in the first place when he didn't have any mean evil attempt. secondly that a justice system is so slow that a federal judge won't hear his cases because you and i know there is always judicial discretion. this guy was not a threat against the state even though it's against their law to bring a gun in to mexico. he obviously wasn't a threat. and therefore there should be judicial discretion imposed in this long ago. >> bill: we all know that. but we have to get the big boys. the president, secretary clinton. >> that's why i have been on the phone. >> bill: all right. senator, please keep in close touch with us. >> okay. >> bill: days are dwindling. >> bill, i'm very optimistic this is going to be resolved very soon and i hope it's before christmas. >> bill: we appreciate your
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good work and we'll keep the folks posted every step of the way. next on the run down. next on the run down president obama calls for some kind of gun control and puts vice president biden involved is that a smart move. the best places to be born in the world. were we're coming right back. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. omnipotent of opportunity. you know how to mix business... with business. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or ave. and still pay the mid-size price. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] yes, you could business pro. yes, you could. go national. go like a pro. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club.
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get adt installed starting at just $99. that's a $300 savings. you may even save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance. for everything that matters most. adt. always there. >> bill: president held a rare press conference on remarks gun control. >> i have asked the vice president to cabinet and outside organizations to come up with concrete proposals no later than january. >> bill: but here's the rub, vice president biden very liberal guy can he objective in this emotional debate? here now monica crowley and alan colmes. barack obama is your guy. big supporter of him. >> yeah. >> bill: if i'm president of the united states and i believe if you are president, too. we pick up the phone and we
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quality mexican president niito and say you know, i just need a favor. i need a favor. i need you to get this guy out now. send your squad of military people there, i'll -- you sign an order decree humanitarian, they will take him out, drive him across the border. we can get that done in about two hours. can you not. >> you make a good point. how do you know it's not happening? >> bill: we know it's not happening and jay carney said to ed henry he knew bump pus about it. >> carney may not have been on the loop. the senator had you on seems like he is. >> bill: the senator is a senator and the president has been president. this guy has been down there since august. barack obama as far as we can tell doesn't even know about it. and hillary clinton i guess she passed out somewhere? is she uncon testify. >> are you suggesting that she fake can fake a concussion to avoid testifying in benghazi? >> bill: if she is in the nfl i wouldn't let her play. i think she can make a phone call. >> she is faking this? she is faking a concussion? >> can i make one quick
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comment oon this? >> bill: i am so angry about this you can't even imagine. >> i know. look, with this administration the buck seems to stop nowhere weather it's on fast and furious or benghazi core prafl hammar is a u.s. marine. barack obama is the commander and chief. he should be intervening. >> you don't know that he is not. >> if he is, we don't know about it. >> all the reports all he had to do is go out and say i'm concerned about this. >> it might be in play right now. he should have said it because he has authority to say it joe biden. here is my problem with, this both of you. there is going to have to be consensus for anything to get done. all right? any kind of gun legislation, tightening up any laws. going to have to be consensus. you put joe biden in who is a very left wing guy and antigun in charge of shaping this and right away you alienate almost everyone who opposes. and i don't understand why that's happening here.
5:16 pm
you go. >> well, look, elections have consequences. right? have you got a president and vice president. very liberal guys. spouts very liberal policies. the main reason joe biden was chosen to head up this task force, bill, is because i wrote the original 1994 crime bill that contained the original assaults weapons ban. this is what we are going to end up getting. the president today talked about a couple of things, assault weapons ban. he talked about limiting magazines, very specific about that. >> bill: i don't want to get into that now because we'll see how it shapes out. whenever i hear the word, colmes, comprehensive or complex i have got a letter i will read it later on. i know they aren't going to do anything. as soon as i hear comprehensive it's like good night everybody, let's turn the lights out now. >> so biden is a liberal guy so we have to question whether or not he would be the right guy. a conservative person would be better? everybody has got an opinion. >> you misquoted me and you spitting it out. in order for anything to get done as i said and i will say it slower now.
5:17 pm
>> please. >> bill: in order for anything to get done the other side, the republicans are going to have to sign on. if you putt putt antigun zealot in charge you alienate the other side right away. >> i'm not sure i would call him antigun zealot is bloom antigun zealot. >> mike bloomberg is antigun zealot he he sure he set. he is an antigun guy. anti-16-ounce drinks and anti-assault weapons. >> i'm with you on the 16 ounces. many. >> bill: i told the mayor you pour the drink in the gun and you can't fire them. that's what you do. >> only 16 ounces at a time. >> bill: colmes no, matter how brilliant my points are you are not going to see them and i understand that going forward, you are willing to compromise. you are about as far right the old cliche is it kill of the hun. >> you are willing to compromise. >> reasonable restrictions.
5:18 pm
>> give me one. bill, the gun control law kicked in this case. this kid went to buy a gun and the gun control laws prevented him from buying a gun. >> bill: no pontificating. is there anything you would say i'm for that that we don't have now? >> not at this moment. no. not at this moment because i think we have enough gun control laws that aren't particularly enforced. you can't prevent every crime by every evil person. >> bill: i think we can tighten up. >> background checks and everybody that buys a gun quickly as possible. as bloomberg points out only half people who buy guns ever get background checks in this country. >> bill: by whom no who does it? >> national registry? >> bill: who is in charge of that. >> joe biden. you would appoint someone. >> bill: appoint someone. >> i don't have a name in my head you want me to nominate someone right here?
5:19 pm
5 point plan? >> bill: i wanted one and i got someone. >> brand new gallup poll released today the majority of the american people want more police in schools. they want more mental health screenings and intervention and they want to look at the violence in the culture. way down the list was an assault weapons ban. >> bill: thanks very much. directly ahead the killer in the new town massacre was obsessed with violent video games. no surprise. we'll take a look at that culture. then, some scenes from the new tom cruise action movie having to be recut because of the massacre. those reports after these messages. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight. as i said adam lanza to ho killed last week was angry alien nighted guy and he may have been addict to the video games. how did i know that? one look at the guy. cnn reporting that people who knew lanza say he was a compulsive game player in his basement that's what he did. joining us now from columbus, ohio a teacher at ohio state and studied the violent video game culture. what's the most important thing you learned about the culture, professor? >> well, i have been study violent media effects for over 25 years and conducted over 50 studies we recently conducted comprehensive review of all studies 381 of them involving 130,000 participants and these studies show that violent video games increase aggressive thoughts. they increase angry feelings. they increase physiological arousal such as heart rate and blood pressure. which may explain why they
5:24 pm
also increase aggressive behavior because people who have aggressive thoughts and feel angry inside and are stressed out are more likely to behave aggressively than those who aren't. and they also decrease helping behavior and they decrease feelings of empathy and compassion for others. >> bill: i know lots of kids who play these games. and they are good kids, they are normal. they don't act out. they don't do anything destructive but they love the games. the reason they love the games because it empowers the children. children are in control. the children are killing the bad guys, the thrill of the kill is right there in front of their face and they go out and they are normal kind loving children. i don't think everybody who plays these games are adversely affected by them would that be true. >> violent and aggressive behavior is determined by many factors. exposure to violent media is only one factor. >> bill: okay. all right. >> it's a factor that's
5:25 pm
relatively easy to change. or risk factors like poverty and low iq and being a mail are relatively hard to change. >> bill: wait, if these video games are so profitable. you know they are. they are making beau coup money from these corporations. how can we change them? >> that's difficult. i think we have to introduce some protective factors. better parenting. more supportive home environments. those sort of things. >> bill: you can't do that. you can't legislate good parenting there are a lot of derelict parents and don't care as they use these video games as babysitters because kids will spend hours on them and won't be annoying the parents. you know the drill. are you calling for the censorship of these games by
5:26 pm
the authorities? >> yeah, video games are very bad babysitters especially violent ones. while we don't let our children drink beer or smoke cigarettes and i think the first step is to make sure the games are age appropriate. so, for example, children under 13 shouldn't be playing games rated t for teen 13 and above and children under 17 shouldn't be playing games rated m for mature players 17 and older. that's a first step to pay attention to those. >> bill: responsible parents will do that. irresponsible parents will not. that's always the problem. we also have a declining -- this is unbelievable. in this country violent crime is coming down. even crimes against children. mass murders. everything we saw in newtown, connecticut has come down. and the reason i believe is because of the mandatory sentences they are giving
5:27 pm
violent criminals now. just locking them up forever and that has taken a lot of those people away from society. when we desee some this vivid. are people overreacting now. >> they are rare events. i think most parents are realize that they are rare events and that say safe for their children to go to school. we shouldn't ignore these events. they may be signs. if his or her things that need to be addressed in society. >> plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. dennis miller on the ongoing budget debate and the best places to be born in the world. miller has a beef about the national football league. then juliet huddy on a popular song being pulled from the radio and scenes from the new tom cruise movie being recut all because of the newtown massacre. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> impact segment tonight. some stuff you may not know coming out of washington, d.c. joining us from there james rosen and carl cammeron. cammeron, what about the gun control debate? what's going on behind the scenes? >> well, behind the scenes there is a a lot of consternation. joe biden's panel will come back in a month and probably oppose assault weapons ban. when it lapsed it was democrats and republicans that
5:32 pm
let it expire and democrats and republicans involved with passing it back in the clinton era. democrats and republicans have the same problem here and tougher for democrats. there are lots of progun control democrats in states and regions with progun rights voters. last time it pass a lot of democrats lost their seats. there are progun control republicans but not a heck of a lot as and not as much a threat for them. >> bill: does president obama really have a heart for this fight? does he really care about this. >> is it a priority. number of battles last election tough one. an awful lot on the president's plate. if he gets into bruising brawl that could cost him democratic little that could be tough for passing climate change. immigration reform. a whole host of things. >> he could lose seats in the next election. >> that is very much a panelm. with joe biden coming back as
5:33 pm
the president with recommendations slows things down and further it gets away from the tragedy the likely the. >> bill: the nra has been mia, has been that? a lot of initials. nra, mia why rosen and are they going to make a come back? >> gun industry sources told me bill and we broke this on fox news that the nra was allow for a proper period of mourning after the new town tragedy while the gun control lobby just went straight out of the gates right after the shooting became known and press their case in the media that's going to change. the nra is soon going to start to push back. you are going to see a major news conference with the president of the organization wane lap peer and others on friday in washington. >> let me stop threw. that's ridiculous. nobody is going to see it? >> nobody is working on friday. it's a friday before christmas. not going to get any play. nobody is going to be watching over the weekend. why not. >> that's just one part of it, bill. you are going to see the full weight of this organization and four million members brought to baier in the legislative battles that carl
5:34 pm
cammeron just discussing. >> they say they are unwilling to compromise. >> i think you will find, bill, that the nra is not going to let an assault weapons ban being reinstated without a fight and draw a particular red line around senator feinstein's proposal to limit the amount of ammunition be loaded into semiautomatic weapons. >> bill: that will be interesting. >> one other thing real quick, biffle is that the manipulate membership nra has surged since newtown according to internal document they are gaining roughly 8,000 now members a day which is unlike anything they saw in the wake of columbine. >> bill: interesting. now on the budget deal, i understand there is infighting within the republican party; is that correct? >> yeah. it is hard to miss. there were protests out in frofnted capitol today. news conferences amongst conservatives and republicans and target of animosity was the house speaker john boehner his proposal counter proposal to deal with the averting the fiscal cliff what he calls plan b allowing taxes to go up
5:35 pm
own only on people who earn more than a million dollars has really gone over badly. and as a consequence. he was essentially threatened by some conservative coalition types outside of the capitol itself today. if he goes forward with this he could end up losing speakership. irony on this one too both sides get to wear it nancy pelosi and senate democrats actually voted for keeping taxes low and everybody to a million dollars in income. just last year so they are going to have to wear it one way or another. the vote goes down tomorrow. boehner calls it plan b but the negotiation to continue trying to avoid the cliff is going to go on no matters what happens. >> they vote the million-dollar threshold. >> hit by defensive back and after she caught a pass over the middle and got a concussion and can't testify in front of congress on the benghazi thing and can't do anything about the marine in mat morose. is she on the disabled list and for how long.
5:36 pm
>> state department officials say she has been suffering from a stomach virus. on top of that on top of a stomach virus apparently she fainted and suffered a concussion. we can't verify this because she is barricaded in rock creek park mansion in washington. to some people this carries faint echos. >> bill: she doesn't want to infect anybody with the virus. i'm not going to criticize her. >> do you remember vin sent the chin used to show up in court proceedings in a bath robe bolster. >> bill: are you bolstering to -- >> some see echos. what i'm telling you is eventually she will testify on the hill on benghazi. >> bill: three of her guys at the state department resigned today. >> in the wake of this report by the accountability review board. there will be more reports and more investigations into benghazi. this isn't the end of it but the question is why has she avoided speaking about benghazi. susan rice said that secretary
5:37 pm
clinton quote unquote declined to do that famous round of sunday shows. >> bill: he is smart. she didn't want to go out there and say stuff that isn't true. hillary knows. >> she will wind up testifying and wind up testifying in open session. you will see. >> bill: i hope she feels better tonight we all of us want her to feel better. >> i hope you feel better. >> bill: i always feel good. even when i'm sick nobody will ever know. here is a gift suggestion for you rosen's book the strong man john mitchell and the secrets of watergate. there it is. we come right back, it will be miller time. chaos in the budget debate. best places to be born on earth and d man has a beef with the nfl. miller is next. .so as you can ss customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tent. let's get to the sage of southern california joins from us santa barbara. you are following the budget debate. i'm very impressed by that. >> you know, bill, if you mean by following it, if you mean not following it. then i thank you i'm out of it i don't pay aas much attention as i used to. this is going to be delicate. you go down to the christmas party kicks you a second glass of free nothing and you get
5:42 pm
zoomy. this guy plays rough and i'm staying out of his way. he won. give him what he wants. don't leave any prints. if it goes up in smoke can you pin the blame on him. i don't think boehner is the guy we want to have there right now. boehner gets a little too emotional, man. you mention that he used to busboy at his old man's tavern he turns into a cat watch in terms of endearment while peeling bermuda onion. sabryna naps journal when she went to cooking school in france. i don't know if he is the main guy we want out there right now. i stay out of the way. yes, sir, mr. president. no, sir, mr. president. may i have another, mr. president? a little animal house alit ration there. i don't know what's going -- on i'm bored by it i hope they get some kind of deal. this is an interesting deal. best places in which to be born. not to live. just to be born. >> all right. >> okay? >> all right. >> this comes from the economists intelligence unit
5:43 pm
there they are: no mention of the u.s.a. we are 16. so let's take the top three. switzerland, australia, norway. hey. miller? >> and they're all the same to me. one has got the alps in the middle. one has got a big rock in the middle. all these places that are cold, i don't want to be the mayor of a hamlet in lap land. knock i could care less. sweden, are you kidding me? incorporate march bergman was an optimist. he saw thed me cup half full. they comp everything over there. even your state run funeral after you off yourself in your late 20's because you folded your hold card as far as motivation goes from day one. i'm just not interested. i dig the big hunking what a mess united states. i don't want the government in my life. i'm not a militia guy up in coeur d'alene. let me say. this when i look at more johns like schumer and pelosi and joe biden, i think is this
5:44 pm
really who we want to turn it all over to? >> that's why i think we are 16 because babies will be frightened when they finally wake up and they see some of the people you mentioned looming ahead of them with power. >> yeah. 16th. when it really hits the fan. and they start blowing up mountain tops in switzerland, trust me, the swiss are going to drop all that neutrality thing come knocking on our door to kick the bad guy's ass. >> swirs switzerland was interesting they never got in wars they dine dynamited their mountains. i have not been to new zealand. i hear it's beautiful. singapore is number six. singapore is basically a fascist government. they tell you what to do. when the baby is born. they tell the baby's parent what blanket to put on her or him. what kind of rather to have. >> i think that blanket takes a blanket statement.
5:45 pm
not a lot of freedom going on in singapore. norwegian countries committing suicide and can't go outside because it's dark. >> they got a new bmw if some kid run as key across it and some asian cat wants to pull his pants down and smack him with a cane across his buttocks, i'm all for it. >> miller man of the people. all right. nfl. you have a beef with the national football league, miller. what is it? >> listen, he is just like obama. is he going to try to change the whole game and get out of the way. roger, shut the league down. i don't know how you sleep with yourself if you have that much problem with it. just shut the league down. if you want to see the penalties replayed on any given night in a current nfl game, watch the show later that night about who is in the nfl's hall of fame. they are the same plays. ronnie lot would be fined out of the league right now. is he one of the greatest football players i have ever seen. and then they will play this game on you like liberals do where they will go i guess you
5:46 pm
are saying you are in favor of broken necks on young men, dennis? no, i'm not. but if you go to a 21-year-old kid who has been playing football his whole life and says now you get to play it for women. a lot of money. it's high impact. you dig it. do you want to do it? and they say yes. i can't get involved in their life. start two leagues. put a league where the kid says no to that and see which people watch. it is by its essence a violent brutal game. >> the root of your problem is that the commissioner roger goodell wants to kind of -- the kickoffs are too many people get hurt. >> he is soft. >> bill: yeah, but you know roger helmet. >> san drew fluke in a power tie. the commissioner of football. football is violent. don't be the commissioner and don't pitch all this halfway crap. listen, the good idea, helmet to helmet good idea. the rest of it is jane austin rules. cut it down to 12 games,
5:47 pm
roger, if you really care as much about these players as you say you do, there is only one way to safeguard them. and we even can't safeguard them then. go from 16 to 12. it will cost you some money but i guarantee you. >> it will be a lot safer. >> you will save these players. come on, roger, do it if you care. do it. >> bill: dennis miller, everybody, on a roll. we would like to he remind you tickets to the bolder fresher shows incredible christmas gives for those people who have everything. phoenix arizona february 22nd. nokia arizona, constitution hall in d.c. april 26th. and west bury theater on long island june 1st. details on bill o' like the shows. in a moment tom cruise's new movie being reevaluated after the newtown massacre. the tip of the day. the american town that hates christmas. up ahead. from the best players in history
5:48 pm
to the number 1 club in the world. the potential of manchester united unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery.
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>> bill: back of book senight. did you see that? we begin with a video with the song die young concern shah. that being pulled by of the connecticut massacre. ♪ heart beat to the beat of the drum ♪ oh what a shame ♪ if you came here with someone ♪ while you are here in my arms ♪ let's make the most of the night ♪ like we're going to die young ♪ we're going to die young ♪ we're going to die young ♪ let's make the most of night ♪ like we're going to die young. >> bill: juliet huddy is here. >> you should be covering your eyes on that, william.
5:52 pm
>> bill: kesha. >> she should shower. >> don't judge. she is very popular artist. she has sold millions of records. i mean, she is a very very popular singer and she happens to be pretty edgy. but she has the song die young. some people say it's not about actually die young more like living life to its fullest. you see the video and the video is definitely, you know. it's graphic. >> bill: does the song make any sense? have a message. >> live life to the fullest. >> bill: got a pentagram and skull and cross bones so they pull it from the radio which will make it more popular. everybody goes to the internet and watches it. >> i have friends from the industry make phone calls the song was going down already hitting its peak. >> this will revive it. >> i doubt that. >> bill: i don't mind the radio stations pulling it. >> it's sensitive. >> jack reacher, new movie based on a book starring tom cruise and they had to recut
5:53 pm
some of the trailer on that. roll the tape. >> there is a jack reacher here to see you ♪ >> can i help you? >> james bond. say he shot five people. >> i don't believe you did. >> what exactly are you saying? >> he he was framed. >> what does a cop do mostly. >> what you do. one minor difference. every suspect was a trained killer. >> bill: what's this? who is this guy. >> a former military cop who is trying to prove that a sniper was framed. in the movie, he goes to gun ranges. he part of the trailers of this movie have been pulled because some folks of paramount feel like it might be insensitive given what happened at new town. >> bill: it's a standard action movie, right? >> it is. but there is a lot of sensitivity out there. situations radio songs and television shows and movies and all that business.
5:54 pm
things are going to get pulled. >> bill: still opening? >> still opening. some the meerms have been pulled but just a few days. >> they did that on the l.a. premier. >> jengo and chain. the big headline here is that a lot of people are upset because tom cruise is in it because the character jack reacher is supposed to be 6'5" big looking guy. >> bill: in the book. and what is cruise 5'5". >> 5'2" probably. maybe 4 i'1"'1". people who read these books freak out about this. >> bill: is he a good action made a lot of money. >> jumps on couches really well. >> bill: you are mocking tom cruise huddy. >> did you call me buddy? >> bill: huddy. with an h. >> making sure. >> bill: mocking cruise and he can't defend himself here. >> welcome to your world. >> bill: there you go. >> bill: i'm always a face to face guy. >> you just cheap shotted
5:55 pm
kesha. >> bill: she is welcome to come on here tomorrow. >> she wasn't sitting here when you insulted her. >> bill: i forgot my question so i have to go. all right, juliet huddy everybody. there she is. factor tip of the day the american town that hates christmas. the tip 60 seconds away. the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone...but her
5:56 pm
likes 50% more cash. but i'm upping my game. do you want a candy cane? yes! do you want the puppy? yes! do you want a tricycle? yes! do you want 50 percent more cash? no! ♪ festive. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. what's in your wallet? two giflghts gifts. the price very modest price. all right? killing kennedy, the best selling book in america by far this week. also, we have got great maps mats that say patriots in residence. get the pithy bumper sticker self-reliant americans on board.
5:57 pm
absolutely free. help you out on christmas now the mail. queens land, australia. many of us around the world are watching to see what america will do to limit mass murder. your constitution was ratified in 1788 when no funding father could have foreseen semiautomatic weapons. not so fast leann. the right to bear arms empowers law abiding people. that's why the founders put it in there. any time any government mandates behavior, limits behavior the states get stronger and the folks get weaker. we are aware of public safety issues on this program. so i'm going to address this morning in the talking points memo. not as easy as you portray it henry cantor wits, costa rica. how you can say that video and a movie violence part of the problem when you also state the killing of children has declined drastically in the u.s.a.? good question, henry. good question. here is the answer, violent crime is down because of tough mandatory sentencing for brutal criminals. the intensity of crimes like newtown comes from a libertine culture where few boundaries exist. that's what we have here now.
5:58 pm
we have got to work on it tigerville, south carolina. when i hear politicians say complex or comprehensive i know nothing will get done. i quoted you earlier in the program that's absolutely right. nonstop pursuit of justice in the case of john hammer another reason we have been faithful watchers of the factor. we are on this, stacy and hope the corporal will be released by christmas if not the new year will be a bit rough are for the country of mexico. trust me. traverse city, michigan. i'm curious why you made phone of the california highway patrol director making $500,000 a year. does he not earn the money in your mind? folks can't afford to pay pluck employees that kind of money, ken, it's as simple as that john of verronna, new jersey. i'm a retired fire captain with $89,000 pension. have you demonized all public safety workers, bill. that's bull, john, you know it your pension sounds reasonable to me. but the state of california is totally out of control in their payments to public workers. that's why the state is
5:59 pm
tottering on bankruptcy. and that's hurting everybody in california. and finally tonight, the factor tip of the day the town that hates christmas. that would be great barrington, massachusetts nevada in the berkshire mountains. for years the pinheads who run that down have been discouraging people from putting out displays of christmas. this year, they are banning them on main stright allegedly because of a reconstruction project. that's bologna. we know what's going on up there. so here's the tip. if you like christmas, great barrington not the place to be. and by the way, my newspaper column this week is on the christmas controversy generated by our pal governor lincoln chafee of rhode island. check that column out beginning tomorrow on bill o' the "new york post," other fine newspapers all across america. you are going to like that colu

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